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 Swarm Capture and Bee Removal

Occasionally, bees or wasps will make their home within your walls, a tree or other structure on your property. While getting them out may be tricky, it is worth finding out if it is possible and in almost all cases it is necessary to remove honeybees from your home. Some beekeepers do removals from structures or trees. These removals can be time consuming and many are done for a fee for the service situation. Below we have listed several beekeepers who have experience in a variety of removals from many unusual locations. We suggest when you contact any of these individuals that you gain a clear understanding of what the individual will do and won't do as part of the removal and the fee charges. It would be a good idea to get the understanding in writing. Our association provides the listing of beekeepers willing to do this type of work but we do not warrant their work. For more information on bees in structures visit Clemson Extension's webpage: "Honey Bee Colony Removal From Structures".

Please do NOT spray insecticides on honey bee swarms, or when found inside your home.

Image by Aaron Burden

Alan S Maclay

864 466-5355

Aiken Area and County


Justin Stitt


Augusta / CSRA Area

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